Electro-Acoustic Cable Fault Pinpointer


It is used to pin-point underground cable faults in transmission and distribution power cable network in
acoustic mode with the help of suitable surge tester.

Key Features

 Perfect functions, suitable for pin- pointing all kinds of cable faults and detect cable path.
 Synchronous sensing of acoustic and magnetic signals of the fault with high ability to anti-interference.
 With the assistance of the earphone, direct and easy to identify the fault.
 Cursor to identify the time delay between the acoustic signal and the magnetic signal, thus to confirm the
fault range.
 Built-in Li-ion rechargeable.
 Large LCD display with back-light.
 Charger input voltage 230 V AC 50Hz.
 Frequency AcousƟc : 70 – 2500Hz, With Filter : 250 – 2500Hz.
 Accurate Pin-Pointing with step voltage and magnetic field strength.
 Acoustic channel filtering parameter adjustable.